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A Family Run Cleaning Service

ACS Cleaning Services, Inc. is a full service cleaning company located in Wilmington Delaware. ACS Cleaning not only offers Maid Service for our residential clients, we also offer office cleaning for our commercial clients. We listen to your specific needs and adjust to your schedule accordingly. Whatever your requirements are, you will receive quality service at a fair price.

ACS Cleaning is a family run business and takes the hiring of employees very seriously. Many of our cleaners are relatives or have been subjected to a background and drug tests. Our employees have been trained and are qualified to perform any tasks we ask of them.

  1. Residential Cleaning / Maid Service

    ACS Cleaning Service offers Maid Service for our residential clients. We work in teams of 2 or 3 cleaners depending on the schedule for the day. We can adjust our service to any home or budget. This is a list of things we routinely do in each location.


      house cleaning kitchen
    • Counter-tops and back-splashes are wiped with disinfectant cleaner.

    • All appliances are cleaned and disinfected.

    • Microwaves are cleaned inside and out.

    • Sink is scrubbed.

    • Trash is removed and new liners put in.

    • Floors are vacuumed and cleaned.


      house cleaning bathroom
    • Toilet, sink, bathtub and shower stalls are cleaned and disinfected.

    • All tile is wiped down.

    • All mirrors are cleaned

    • Trash is removed and new liners put in.

    • Floors are vacuumed and cleaned.

      Living rooms, Dining rooms
      and Family rooms:

      house cleaning dining room
    • Furniture is to be polished top to bottom.

    • Mirrors and glass table tops are cleaned with glass cleaner.

    • Couches, chairs and carpets are vacuumed.

    • Floors are cleaned.


      house cleaning bedroom
    • All floors vacuumed and cleaned, getting underneath furniture whenever possible.

    • Furniture is polished top to bottom.

    • Trash baskets are emptied with new liners put in.

  2. Commercial Cleaning

    office cleaning

    Commercial cleaning can be customized to any company’s budget. We will work with you to make your office sparkle while keeping your cleaning costs down. Here are some examples of what ACS Cleaning can do for you.

      Kitchen / Kitchenettes:

    • Counter-tops and back-splashes are wiped with disinfectant cleaner

    • All appliances are cleaned and disinfected.

    • Microwaves are cleaned inside and out.

    • Sink is scrubbed.

    • Trash is removed.

    • Floors are vacuumed and cleaned.


    • Toilets and sinks are scrubbed and disinfected.

    • All tile is wiped down.

    • All mirrors are cleaned.

    • Trash is removed.

    • Floors are vacuumed and cleaned.

      Offices / Conference Rooms:

    • Furniture is polished top to bottom.

    • Desks and shelving are cleaned and dusted.

    • Mirrors and glass table tops are cleaned with window cleaner.

    • Couches, chairs and carpets are vacuumed.

    • Floors are cleaned.

    Contact ACS Cleaning at or call us at 302-998-7844 for an estimate.

  3. Clean Outs

    - Need your attic or basement cleaned out?
    - Did a room in your house accumulate “stuff”?
    - Did a renter leave your rental property dirty and trashed?
    ACS Cleaning can help

    professional cleaning

    Located in Wilmington Delaware, ACS Cleaning Service Inc. has a labor intense program that can help with those jobs that seem like too much to handle on your own. We supply the labor and can accomplish amazing results in a short period of time.

    Call ACS Cleaning for pricing at 302-998-7844

  4. FAQ


    Q: What should I do before ACS Cleaning Service arrives?
    Although there is nothing you NEED to do before ACS Cleaning arrives it is a good idea to have personal items and materials off the floor to give our cleaner access to your surfaces.

    Q: Do I need to provide you with any cleaning supplies?
    No, we supply our cleaners with everything they will need. Some clients have their own special cleaning supplies for floors, or counter tops that they prefer. We will gladly use these products if they are left for us.

    Q: What if I have a special items that I would rather you not touch, can I give you special instructions?
    Absolutely, we keep information for each client that gives explicit instruction for each location.

    Q: Should I be present during the clean?
    That is entirely up to you, we will work with you to make this process as comfortable as possible.

    Q: I would like to have my office cleaned only once every 2 weeks, would this be a problem?
    Not at all, ACS Cleaning can clean your office on any schedule that fits your needs from daily to monthly.

    Q: How do I reschedule my appointment?
    Simply call ACS Cleaning at 302-998-7844 and we will reschedule your appointment.

    Q: My office is very small, can I still hire ACS Cleaning Service?
    Sure, we can customize to any size home or office.

    Q: I would like to have my house cleaned on a certain day, at a certain time, is this possible?
    Yes, although we can’t guarantee the time of day we will arrive, ACS Cleaning tries to schedule our cleaning on the same day of the week and as close as possible to the customers preferred time.

    Q: I would like our office bathrooms and lunchroom cleaned but not the offices, is this something you are willing to do?
    Not a problem, ACS can design a cleaning schedule for any office, home or budget.

    Q: This sounds like everything that I am looking for, what is the next step?
    Simply call ACS Cleaning at 302-998-7844 and schedule an appointment.

    Q: May we contact you to discuss this further?
    Sure, we are here to answer any questions you may have, simply call 302-998-7844.

  5. Testimonials

    "I can’t say thank you enough. It was the best feeling ever to walk in yesterday and everything be so clean. I am definitely interested in the bi-weekly and monthly prices. Again thank you, thank you."
    Wilmington, DE. April/2014
    "I was fortunate to recently receive ACS cleaning services as a gift. Life was overwhelming so having that huge task completed at one time was such a stress reliever. As soon as I entered my home I was hit with a fresh clean scent. We have a black lab that sheds terribly, so I immediately noticed that my baseboards were free from hair and looked white again! The floors looked and felt so clean, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. It was great to just lounge when I walked in and realize I no longer had cleaning on the list of things to do. The young women are very pleasant and efficient. I plan on using this service again soon and will give this as a gift in the future."
    Delaware City, DE. July/2013
    “I recommended Walt and his company (ACS Cleaning) to my employer, and Walt was hired to clean our offices. He and his staff have done an outstanding job. As time goes on, the results continue to be superior. I would recommend his services to commercial as well as residential clients."
    C. B.
    Wilmington, Delaware June/2013
    “The staff was amazing – They were very helpful, worked continuously and did a great job.”
    Hockessin De. April /2013
    “The cleaners did an excellent job, they took the time to be thorough and our rental property in now move in ready”
    Wilmington De. March / 2013
    “We are extremely pleased with the cleanliness of our office!”
    Wilmington De. February/2013
    “I was impressed with all the employees, their work was professional in the way they went about it and the results. Good Job!!”
    New Castle De December/2012
    This service company was recommended by a realtor to get my house ready for market. What a great choice! Service included throwing out remaining garbage or unwanted items, vacuuming, wiping down kitchen and baths and treating the basement and sub floor for pet stains and odor.
    Walt (the owner) is great. He is very conscientious and fairly priced. He is eager to please and easy to work with. I highly recommend this company for your residential cleaning projects.
    K. K.
    Swarthmore Pa. November/2012
    “The cleaners were professional and courteous. The surfaces were dusted to a shine throughout the house. The kitchen granite counter tops sparkled! Overall I was very pleased with the quality work and efficiency of your team!”
    C. P.
    Avondale Pa. December/2012
    “I am a local real estate agent and have been using ACS Cleaning for over 5 years for all of my clients’ cleaning needs. Without exception, I have always gotten positive feedback. The following is a quote from one of my clients.
    “Today went well. All the cleaners arrived as scheduled. The place is lovely and I think my mother will be happy.” - Mavis P.
    Feel free to call me for a reference.”
    Diane Bacigalupi May/2012
    Caldwell Banker Preferred
    “I have known Walt Walls for many years. I worked with him for over 15 years. Walt is a very conscientious, dependable worker. He is always willing to go the extra mile in order to get the work done effectively and efficiently. He has a very laid back personality and is extremely easy to get along with. He is well liked by everyone he comes in contact with. In all the years I have known him, I never heard a negative comment about Walt. I give him high recommendations for both his work ethics as well as his personality.”
    Denise B. May/2012

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Our Story

My father, James Walls, was part owner of L & W Janitorial Services while I was growing up here in Wilmington, Delaware. As a young child I used to go with him to clean residential and commercial properties. Even when I started working for a printing company, I continued part time cleaning offices. After 30 years in the printing business the company I worked for sold all their clients to another printer. I was shocked and for the first time in my life unemployed.

A local Realtor I know always recommended a cleaning company, Annette’s Cleaning Service, to all her clients and co-workers. She respected her work immensely and used her frequently. Annette’s Cleaning Service has established itself as a reputable company for over 20 years.

When I heard Annette was moving to Florida and selling her business, I investigated the opportunity and immediately became interested. Annette and I got together and a deal was made. In early 2012 ACS Cleaning Service Inc. was established.

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